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Roller banners are an indispensable presentation tool at any event, trade show or in the store, if you really want to stand out. Sleek and practical, they are easy to carry and perfect for regular use. Design your Rollup Banners quickly and easily in our online editor.


  • Print your roller banners online
  • Quick & easy set-up
  • Preassembled stand, banner & case



Small (60 x 160 cm) Show work drawing source file
Medium (85 x 200 cm) Show work drawing source file
Large (120 x 200 cm) Show work drawing source file

All PDFs must have the following characteristics:

  • Images must be at least 300dpi.
  • When using PMS colours, please use Uncoated PMS colours
  • Images must be CMYK. All black text to be 100% black (not made up of CMYK)
  • Fonts and links must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • PDFs must be supplied 1 up centred on the page, if it has more than one page please supply as a multi page PDF file.
  • PDFs must have at least 3mm bleed all round.

Our offset printing process conforms to the ISO colour standard, therefore we request the use of:

  • All PDF's to have be created with the Fogra 27 Colour profilie selected.
  • Separations and Overprints must be checked.

Untrapped Layered PDFs are requested for our trapping process.

High Resolution Proofing

For an additional cost, Happy Printing can produce high resolution ISO proofs to match the printing process. When these proofs have been signed off by the client we will colour match them to the press. It is crucial these are signed off and returned to Happy Printing.

NOTE: Spot colour to process CMYK values should be checked against the latest Pantone Colour Bridge book, as the default swatch libraries in software vary in colour calibration.


Stand up and stand out with roller banners

Announce your presence during tradeshows, conferences, events or farmers markets with more with custom retractable banners. Our roll-up banners come preassembled with everything you need – banner stand, banner and case – in an assortment of options for your needs and budget. Durable and ready for repeated, indoor or outdoor long-term use, these signs are a great way to get your brand noticed in busy settings like retail stores, spas and more.

Various models, sizes and materials

Choose from various sizes of roll-up banners to suit the location and space. Whether you opt for a variant with a width of 85 by 200 cm, using the handy system and the carrying bag, your customer can easily take the banner to any event.

Easily set up your roller banner

A roll-up banner forms the basis of your exhibition material and is extremely easy to use. Simply roll the banner out of the system and you immediately have a large display for your exhibition stand. Roll-up banners are also ideal for decorating shops and offices.

Tips & tricks

Before you get started with making roll-up banners, it is good to master some important tips. After all, designing a roll-up banner is very different from creating a business card or flyer. For example, the format is a lot bigger, so you have to think about other things when making your roll-up banner. For example, the font size of your letters. You view a roll-up banner from a greater distance than a flyer. So keep about 60 points for your font size and choose a nice and legible font. Also, don't put too much text on your roll-up banner: people will probably see your message in passing and then don't have time to absorb whole pieces of text.

Create roll-up banners in our design tool

Designing your roll-up banners is very easy in our online design tool. Let's go through the process step by step.

  1. Compose your product
  2. Choose 'Design Online'
  3. Start designing

Once you've checked everything and are completely happy with your roller banner design, you can submit it. This is very easy from the online design tool: click on submit. The tool asks you to check a few more things and on the next screen you can add your self-designed roll-up banner to your shopping cart. After placing your order, we will immediately make the roll-up banner for you."

Why order from HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting provides you with high quality full-colour pul-up banner printing in CMYK or even Pantone colours. To provide you with this service, we work with professional devices that guarantee the high quality of the final product.

The variety of materials we offer guarantees its long-term use. You don't have to worry about the material turning yellow. It will retain its properties for as long as possible so that it works smoothly for you when communicating with customers and other businesses.

Need to get new branded roller banner very urgently? You can take advantage of our option for express delivery and receive your final product only a day after the order. If you have more time, take advantage of our free delivery service to an address within 5 working days after ordering.

Buy at an affordable price

HappyPrinting offers you printing of roll-up banners at prices that are fully compliant with the market. Thanks to our competitive prices, you can get even more forms for your company, and it is completely profitable! Working with the HappyPrinting editor is easy, and the results will bring you even more brand awareness and many more satisfied customers!



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Called up with a quick A3 print job and Simon took care of it in a few hours including delivery ~ How good !




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Best price out there (did a lot of research), excellent quality and amazing service. They drove all the way to my house in a non central location to deliver them.




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Monique Thomas

I worked on the third issue of a school publication which showcases students’ artwork and writing and we used Happy Printing for the first time. Simon and Kerry were amazing to deal with and (...)


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