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It’s our mission to help Kiwis put their best foot forward. That’s why we created the easiest online printing platform around. We print, you smile!


Local. Simple. Quality.

Easy printing on local soil

No matter what you’re printing, you need it done quickly, on budget and in the best quality available. That means you need local printing, with everything produced and distributed right here in Aotearoa — and that’s exactly what HappyPrinting can offer you.

We care about quality printing as much as you do, so our expert team will help you access a wide range of high-quality print products not only at the best price, but with great service too! Our user-friendly online platform makes it clear what you’re ordering and our genuine interest in your needs means we’ll always go above and beyond to find you the best solution.

About HappyPrinting

About HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting was founded in 2018 with the vision that ordering print will increasingly take place via the internet. We created a user-friendly online printing platform where you can order all your printed and promotional products online: get instant price information, upload your print files or create your designs online and order all your printed products in one shop.  

HappyPrinting New Zealand is part of a global network of local printers. As part of the HappyPrinting network, we bring you a market-leading online platform that emphasises transparency and user-friendliness. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best quality local printing, with the backing of global innovation that makes ordering your print easier than ever before.

Local Production

Homegrown Printing

HappyPrinting New Zealand brings the Kiwi can-do attitude to every job. All products HappyPrinting offer are locally produced in New Zealand, be it on the latest digital or offset presses, wide-format printers and print finishing equipment that is suited to each individual job or project. We have the local knowledge and expertise to ensure that all your printing needs are met, so there’s no need to turn to overseas imports.

By printing at a number of local production sites throughout New Zealand we can offer overnight shipping, free nationwide delivery and lower the carbon footprint of each order. In addition, through local production we support the New Zealand economy and create jobs right here in Aotearoa.

Personal Service

Real, Personal Service

We care about your printing. Our customer service team consists of trained professionals who know print like the backs of their hands. With experience in the graphic and print industries, we take great pride in delivering high quality print that supports your needs. At the end of the day, we’re printers, not salespeople. That means we’ll offer solutions that are the best for you, not for our profit margins.

We are here to help you with all your printing needs and to make sure that your orders are produced with the highest level of care, attention to detail and respect for your deadlines.

Global network

Global Network

HappyPrinting New Zealand is part of the global HappyPrinting network of local printers, who share the online platform, marketing, innovations and all the knowledge needed to operate an online printing platform efficiently. This way we are able to create lower prices and better service to our customers. 

HappyPrinting is growing fast and is now active in seven countries: Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines and Japan. Are you also interested to join, please contact us.





HappyPrinting New Zealand use and promote sustainable stocks and business operations where possible. We pride ourselves by using stocks that come from responsibly managed forests and printing using the best practice and process that is applicable for each job.

These principles help ensure that we provide the correct product and produce it the nearest production facility that is suited for your job, we do not ship or despatch your order from overseas, this in turn reduces the local and worldwide environmental impact of how we produce and deliver your print solutions within each country we that we are operating in.

Our expert approach ensures we provide the correct product and produce it at the nearest production facility that is suited for your job right here in New Zealand —never flown in from overseas.


Local Production

Printing for Any Occasion

At HappyPrinting, we have a solution to any printing problem. It’s not always easy to find the right printing for your needs. Print encompasses a huge variety of uses across many substrates, and we’re dedicated to covering all your bases. From business through to event, catering and personal printing needs, we’ve got you sorted with our comprehensive range of products. You’ll also find considerable customisation and DIY design options with our unique online editors to create your artwork. We preflight and check each file so when you select a product, our team will check and if needed proof your designs back to you to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

Personal Service

Our Partners

Safe Space Alliance
As a member of the Safe Space Alliance, we’re dedicated to providing a workspace where LGBTQI+ employees and customers alike feel respected and safe. We work with the Safe Space Alliance to keep our customer service and workplace policies up-to-date to promote LGBTQI+ voices as best we can.

Shop Local
When you support local businesses, so can we. Through Covid-19, we’ve seen just how important it is to keep New Zealand working. As a Kiwi business, we’re doing our part to support the local economy and keep local suppliers and customers going.

PrintNZ is the leading industry association for printers across New Zealand. Our connection with PrintNZ ensures we’re up-to-date on local industry news, industry-wide best practice and upcoming print trends. PrintNZ supports our health and safety, employment and contract policies.

With HappyPrinting you get...


100% Happiness

Service, quality and fast delivery. At HappyPrinting we work until you are 100% happy. 

Free Shipping

Free shipping

No hidden cost! All HappyPrinting products are delivered for free.

Free file check

Free file checking

Don't know if your files are ready to print? Don't worry! We check every file.

Personal Service

Personal service

Face-to-face, by phone or email. Our customer service is waiting to help you!

Design Templates

Free design templates

Make your own design with our online editor, choose from many design templates!

Express Delivery-icon

Express delivery

Are you in a rush? Do you need fast delivery? No worries, we'll make it happen!

What our customers say about us

“Super happy with the easy and great service provided by Simon and the HappyPrinting NZ team. Simon went out of the way proofing my business cards with a few comments, then once approved they arrived overnight to me the next day. A+++ service. Awesome!”

Aaron McFarlane

“All the ease of online ordering BUT it gets printed in NZ by a local Kiwi company so no long waits to get your stuff in on a slow boat from overseas. Plus if you have custom requirements you can just get in touch with them. Highly recommended.”

David Allen

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