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Have your company details printed on Business Cards.

Printing at HappyPrinting is easy: upload your design or use our online graphic editor and use one of our many designs to create your own design.


  • Print your Business Cards online
  • Single or double sided, full colour print
  • Choose from more than 130 beautiful design templates
  • Printed locally & free delivery



Use the design templates below to create your own design files.

size example  template 
Standard (90 x 55 mm) Show work drawing source file
Standard Round Corners (90 x 55 mm) Show work drawing source file
Folded Portrait (110 x 85 mm) Show work drawing source file
Folded Landscape (170 x 55 mm) Show work drawing source file

All PDFs must have the following characteristics:

  • Images must be at least 300dpi.
  • When using PMS colours, please use Uncoated PMS colours
  • Images must be CMYK. All black text to be 100% black (not made up of CMYK)
  • Fonts and links must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • PDFs must be supplied 1 up centred on the page, if it has more than one page please supply as a multi page PDF file.
  • PDFs must have at least 3mm bleed all round.

Our offset printing process conforms to the ISO colour standard, therefore we request the use of:

  • All PDF's to have be created with the Fogra 27 Colour profilie selected.
  • Separations and Overprints must be checked.

Untrapped Layered PDFs are requested for our trapping process.

High Resolution Proofing

For an additional cost, Happy Printing can produce high resolution ISO proofs to match the printing process. When these proofs have been signed off by the client we will colour match them to the press. It is crucial these are signed off and returned to Happy Printing.

NOTE: Spot colour to process CMYK values should be checked against the latest Pantone Colour Bridge book, as the default swatch libraries in software vary in colour calibration.


Personalised Business Cards

A personalised business card in your pocket is a powerful marketing tool that helps you connect with the right people. With a strong handshake and a warm greeting, business cards can help you bridge the gap between your business and future customers. And the best business cards online can be found right here at HappyPrinting.

Building trust

The printed business card is tactile, allowing people to feel its texture and, in addition, the personality behind it. The customer is more likely to prefer someone they can trust, and a business card can help you gain their trust. Once you do, your customers are more likely to buy from you or recommend your business to someone they know.

Playful, funny, but always professional

Business card printing does not need to be traditional or popular in design, shape and size. Depending on the nature of your business, a custom layout may be the best choice to reveal more about your brand's personality.

Forget about the conventional? We offer business card printing in a wide variety of styles to send a strong message. When ordering business cards online from us, you can bet on your own design.

Three ways to print business cards according to your design

The first impression is the most important. Whether you think this statement is true or not, it is important to always be one step ahead in business. A well-designed business card gives the impression that you are an expert in your field. But you don't have to have design skills to create full-colour business cards that attract attention. Here are three easy ways to do it:

  • Upload a file with your design;
  • Use our ready-made templates;
  • Create your own design for your business card online.

How to create and print a business card according to my design

  1. Start by choosing a template from our catalog.
  2. Change the design, add images and text..
  3. Choose your preferred printing options - size, type, and quantity.
  4. Add to cart and order.
  5. You receive your business cards with free delivery to the address.

Dimensions and material of construction

The sizes you can choose from when printing business cards are 82 x 55 mm and 90 x 50 mm. They are similar in size to a debit card, which makes them easy to put in your wallet. The thickness of the business cards depends on the selected paper and the coating. Paper thickness and weight are measured in grams per square meter.

What's on the business card

  • Your own name or company name: state clearly who you are!
  • Logo: makes the brand recognizable.
  • Phone number: indicates that you are easily accessible.
  • Email address: gives another opportunity to contact.
  • Website: takes people to your business.

What are the requirements for printing business cards

We optimize each of our designs and images for printing. But if you are uploading a photo (or non-vector image), make sure they are no less than 96 DPI, but ideally around 300 DPI. When printing, you don't want anything to look pixelated!

If your business card design is a mixture of photos and graphics, make sure the images you choose are above the recommended pixel sizes. After all, you want them to look perfect when printed!

What is the difference between matte and gloss

The coating you choose when printing can give your business card a completely different look and feel - and, of course, impact!

  • Matte business cards do not have a sheen that changes the way colours look when printed, and you can easily write on them.
  • Glossy business cards , on the other hand, are shiny. When printed, this coating makes your images stand out and the colours more vivid. It also protects business cards from scratches, dirt and other marks.

Prices and delivery time

The price of business cards depends on the selected printing parameters, and the value of your order is calculated automatically.

Your order will arrive within 1-4 working days. The actual delivery time is depending on the delivery location. You can check your estimated delivery time in the table when you click on 'View delivery times'.



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Best price out there (did a lot of research), excellent quality and amazing service. They drove all the way to my house in a non central location to deliver them.




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Monique Thomas

I worked on the third issue of a school publication which showcases students’ artwork and writing and we used Happy Printing for the first time. Simon and Kerry were amazing to deal with and (...)


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