How to make cheap branded packaging with printed labels?

Wouldn't it be great if your brand was everywhere as part of a customer's experience? Packaging is a way for your brand to increase visibility. Food packaging provides important information about the product and promotes your brand and identity. Large companies spend a lot of money developing their own custom packaging in order to distinguish themselves in the market.

For smaller businesses, why spend a ton when you can make your own food packaging on a budget simply by using branded stickers? It is cost-effective, practical and easily customisable. At HappyPrinting, we offer labels on sheet that you can customise and use to promote your business. In this blog, we share a few tips to profesionally package your products with printed labels.

Here are some tips for designing cost-effective branded packaging:

Tip #1 Stay aligned with your design and brand identity
Customers need to have a clear picture of your brand and product the moment they set their eyes on it. The packaging is your brand's first point of contact with the customer.

When designing your roll stickers, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand identity. This helps in choosing the colours, shape and material of the stickers. This way you can show who you are and what you stand for as a brand.

Tip #2 Think about what should be on your label
Labels have limited space. Only include necessary information such as ingredients, product description and production and best before date. While you add all the important information, also leave room for your design itself.

Tip #3 Design your label with packaging and product in mind
Consider the size and shape of your packaging as you create your nutrition labels. Ensure accurate measurements of your box, bottle or jar. You want to make labels that fit just right, of course.

Also consider how much of the actual product you want to show. For attractive products such as jam and biscuits, it is better to work with a smaller label than with a label that encompasses the entire package.

Tip #4 Use color, texture and type to your advantage

Be creative when designing your labels. There are so many different ways to make the use of color, textures and fonts as striking and interesting as possible.

Also take a look at different finishes such as matte, glossy or metallic. They can say a lot about what brand you are.

For example, a simple, rustic-looking label with a matte finish is perfect for a brand of homemade products. Labels with a metallic finish can be used by companies that sell high-tech gadgets.

In addition, decide what sticker shape you would like to use for your product. We offer multiple shapes for you to choose from: round, square, rectangle or oval. Try and experiment with different shapes and design it to your own liking.

And remember, before your labels go to the printer, make sure the colour mode is CMYK.

Tip #5 Use relevant images
Only add relevant images and illustrations to reinforce your brand identity. They communicate messages about your brand that cannot be described in words.

They can also help convince your customers to buy your product. For example, an attractive image of the product can stimulate an appetite and immediately make a purchase.

Tip #6 Create memorable and distinctive labels
Well-designed labels make your product stand out, grab the customer's attention and convince them to buy your product. With the right combination of elements in your design, you can set your food labels apart from the competition.

An inexpensive food label idea: For drinks and liquid ingredients, consider using transparent labels with simple typography.

Tip #7 Collect feedback
Before sending your label to the printer, ask colleagues, friends or even family what they think of your design. Ask what they like and dislike, and what they don't. Also ask them how they think you can improve your design.

Consider setting up a focus group. It will help you see if your design will appeal to your target audience.

Printed labels and stickers on a roll can really raise the level of your packaging and make your business more professional and reliable. They're easy to make and inexpensive, so get started now! Click here to make your own. We can't wait to see your own creation.

We print, you smile!